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SNT Group History

SNT Group works closely with clients and partners to provide the highest levels of business support throughout our focused services and solutions. The group is continually looking for acquisitions and new opportunities, refining our service offerings giving our clients more flexibility and support.

This is our story so far, if you would like any additional information on any part of the group please don't hesitate to contact us, if you require additional press information please email media@snt-group.co.uk.

It All Started...

SNT was founded as an IT support and outsourcing provider, the company we all know now as SNT Solutions, growing quickly to provide both public and private sector clients with IT Solutions


Working closely with our clients we engaged in outsourcing and IT support throughout the UK growing our client base to over 500 SME businesses and public sector bodies, while working closely with our clients to offer better and more stable IT systems.

Our IT business expanded into the provision of web service delivery creating and managing web systems including development of bespoke web systems for clients.


SNT Group was formed with the acquisition of SNT Consulting a bespoke provider of employer/employee relationship management, along with consultancy services with ECOS (Employee Car Ownership Scheme).

The second of our business divisions was launched with the addition of SNT Airbox, providing bespoke leisure industry WiFI hotspot access to clients throughout the world, leveraging the latest technology to provide hotels and public areas open access WiFI through the brand.


SNT Group moved forward into a new phase of complementary services that provided our clients with a partner of choice.

SNT Web was officially launched as a separate business division concentrating on the provision of business integrated software solutions delivered through web based applications.

SNT Solutions began providing Cloud Hosting services included cloud managed servers, co-location and SaaS including email and other integrated outsourced cloud solutions.

SNT Leasing began providing asset and plant leasing solutions to our client base, and with this complementary insurance offerings through SNT Insurance were launched to the market place, this includes car, IT and business insurance.


SNT Web saw significant growth with the beginning of our software portfolio including the SNT Matrix CRM, Document Management and Fleet Management software applications quickly adopted by existing and new clients.

SNT Group consolidated our business divisions to make give our clients a simple approach to the range of services offered by SNT Group.


SNT Solutions moved carefully from SME IT Support while continuing to provide our SME clients with the same high levels of service to providing fully managed services outsourcing, with our target market being clients of 150+ Users, including services from integrated software, hardware and support managed services, to cloud based SaaS services.


SNT Cloud was formed as an independent division to provide focused support for our Cloud based service offerings, while maintaining the enterprise solutions already provided in the Cloud under the SNT Solutions division previously.

SNT Electrical integrated into SNT providing electrical maintenance and contract support nationwide, acquired to provide another business division that engages with clients for electrical maintenance including floodlighting, data cabling, general maintenance and repairs along with access lift hire services adding to the service offerings from SNT Group.

SNT Leasing benefited from the change of business focus within SNT Solutions seeing a significant rise in the IT Asset Leasing with this backed by the enterprise support provided by SNT Solutions, and we focus our leasing solutions as a complementary product to other SNT Group services to provide a fully integrated solution.

SNT Airbox maintains a strong presence in the leisure WiFI market and continues to look for new innovation within the shared internet services including development of on bus WiFI and free hotspot services driven by revenue based marketing solutions.

SNT eMotion was launched which consolidated our web software business separately from our web design house, providing bespoke and integrated software taking on the SNT Matrix, Document Management and other SNT Software applications to develop these further and continue to provide unrivaled customization and software delivery.


Our focus is currently within the growth of existing solutions and services, however some we are currently look at a new venture so check back soon.