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We are specialists in providing floodlighting for all purposes, and all types of venue, including sporting arenas, entertainment centres and film sets.

Call us to discuss your needs 0333 3443 754 or use our contact form for fast response.

Sports & Event Floodlighting

Our reputation for quality of work and competitive pricing resulted in DH Group being awarded the floodlighting contract for the Amex Stadium in Falmer, the new home of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, which is combined with a major events and entertainment venue.

DH Group is regularly involved in the assembly, testing and maintenance of temporary lighting systems at many major indoor and outdoor sporting events in a wide range of locations. We are a partner with Southern Combination Football League.

Floodlight Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the trouble-free operation of any floodlighting system. DH prepares for the client a schedule tailored to the individual characteristics of each system and carries out whatever periodic inspections, maintenance work and replacements that are needed.

Survey Charts

The various football leagues and associations that run football in the UK have clear standards for lighting levels at events timed for when natural light is unlikely to be sufficient. At DH Group we are experienced in preparing survey charts for clubs and organisers which set out the lux levels over all parts of the pitch. Areas can be identified where additional levels of illumination are needed to meet the relevant standards, and we can offer suggestions and costings for reaching the standard concerned.